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prices and tips

full body 42
face & neck 15
face, neck & arms 18
legs 20
face, legs & arms 32
your third spray tan 50% off

  • remove unwanted hair at least 24 hours before use an exfoliation mitt to remove dead skin show up with completely bare skin. this means no moisturiser, no oil-based body wash or exfoliant, no deodorant, no make-up & no perfume… nothin, nada, zilch.
  • bring looser fitting clothes and flip flops to change into after your tan.

  • get your gear off but leave your knickers on or put on one of our disposable g’s (any area you don’t want sprayed leave your gear on)
  • put whatever you’re not wearing into the box provided
  • throw on a disposable cap, put the foamy looking things in your ears and stick the cardboard feet on, now you look hot!
  • okay, time to spray! give two knocks on the door to let us know you’re ready and then jump in the tanning space so you’re facing the back
  • follow our lead from here

  • whilst your tan is developing avoid water: not the drinking kind; the showering, the rain and the perspiration kind and do not apply any products to your skin
  • the first shower must be a quickie… just a quick rinse with luke warm water for no more than 30 seconds… no soap or body wash and pat dry
  • for the following days shower as normal, however only use a ph balanced skin wash to cleanse pat your skin dry… do not rub it
  • slather up with moisturiser twice daily