Brazilian Facts

There are so many reasons to do it. for yourself, for him, for her, for hygiene reasons, for the look of it, for the hell of it! whatever your reason we just want you to know that you can feel comfortable and confident getting a brazilian bikini at waxed. our staff are all highly skilled in brazilian waxing – it’s our most popular service, so you’re in good hands.

so, get in the know…

The number one thing to remember is to be hairy! it may sound strange but we won’t get a good result unless your hairs are at least ½ a centimetre long. we will trim the hair during your appointment so everything will look in proportion in the end!

Be clean and dry, jump in the shower before you come in if you can but don’t put any moisturizer when you jump out. we’ll supply a moist wipe in the treatment room so you can freshen up (down there!) before your wax (your specialist will leave the room for you to prepare yourself, allowing you some privacy) and we’ll provide a moisturizer for you after your wax.

The majority of time Brazilian treatments take max. 20minutes

Skin sensitivity is heightened just before and during your period so for your own good please try to plan your wax around it.  If you absolutely have no choice we ask that you wear a tampon and not be on your heaviest days.

  • It’s always good to wear some loose clothing and cotton undies and when you get home run around rudie nudie for a while if you can.
  • For 24 hours after your wax try not to do anything that makes you too sweaty (wink) and don’t go jumping in a steamy shower.
  • With regards to pain…like all waxing, it doesn’t often tickle! It really all depends on your pain threshold. We use a very high quality wax as well as pre and post products. Our therapists are trained to stretch the skin and position your body in an effort to minimize the pain. If you are particularly sensitive you could try to take some pain relief before your appointment. It really isn’t that bad!
  • Don’t be embarrassed – well, you will be very exposed (having nothing on from the waist down) but there’s no need to be embarrassed, our therapists have seen it all and nothing fazes them.
  • Strip off – the fact is that you can choose to wear a disposable g-string but there really isn’t much point as you will end up pulling it to the side so the therapist can wax the entire area.  It can be more time consuming and awkward than anything else.
  • Most people get their inner buttocks waxed – If you don’t want it removed please just inform your waxing therapist.  It doesn’t hurt any more than waxing any other part of your body!
  • Skin reactions after a brazilian vary. This all depends on your skin type, our therapists can discuss preventative methods when you come in for your appointment
  • Your Brazilian will generally last 4-6 weeks
  • Your waxing specialist will introduce herself and ask you to come into the treatment room
  • You’ll need to take everything off from the waist down, we’ll ask you to use the wet wipe to freshen up and then jump up on the bed and lie on your back.
  • Your waxing specialists will then knock to ensure you are ready and come back into the room to begin the treatment
  • After donning some gloves your specialist is ready to begin and will start by reviewing the area and putting some pre waxing oil on to reduce potential grazing.
  • Now the waxed 6 step process will begin
  • Some specialists will start from the front and wax their way around to the inner buttock area and others will perform the treatment in reverse.  If you have a preference please let your therapist know…. Just so you know, you are guaranteed the same result either way.
  • The entire way through your treatment your waxing specialist will communicate clearly and ask you to stretch your skin and move your body in ways to reduce pain and get the best result possible.
  • We may tweeze (with sterile tweezers) and clipper the hair (each client gets their own clipper attachment) if necessary
  • To conclude we will re-assess the area to ensure we have achieved the best result possible.
  • We will then leave the room and allow you to dress in private
  • Give yourself a pat on the back, you did it – there’s no looking back…. you’ll love it!
  • Best of all, we have our LCD screens in every room so you can distract yourself with your favourite DVD, we’ve got a wide selection or you can byo!!