At Waxed, we are proud to offer a high quality, consistent waxing service to all of our clients. Our experienced staff are trained to wax fast and thoroughly so that you can be sure that you are getting a professional wax every time you visit our salon.

Unlike other salons, Waxed is a disposable salon. This means that we never recycle or re-use wax, and we only use disposable spatulas in order to maintain the highest standard of hygiene.

upper lip $12
lip & brow $12
chin $15
lip & chin $25
face lip, brow & chin $33
side of face$18
back of neck $16$16
nostrils $15$16
eyebrow tint $17$17
eyelash tint $26$26
eyelash & brow tint $39$39
standard bikini/speedo – sides only $23$35
tassie – high bikini, sides only, clipper $35
down under – high bikini/speedo, inner bottom, clipper $40 $66
rebook down under – must book in salon at apt. $37$60
boyzilian – high speedo, genitals, inner bottom & clipper $85
brazil – strip on or off, labia, inner bottom & clipper $49
rebook brazil/boyzilian – must book in salon at apt. $45$80
bottom inner $18$28
bottom cheeks $18$25
bottom inner & cheeks $35$44
brazilian clippering only $12
being called smooth & sexy pricelesspriceless
1/2 leg – lower, incl. feet & toes $29$35
1/2 leg – upper $33$40
3/4 leg – incl. feet & toes $39$45
full leg – incl. feet & toes $46$58
back of thighs $16
inner thighs $14
hands & feet $15
half back – upper or lower $24$27
half back & shoulders $38
full back $33$40
full back & shoulder $55
shoulders $24
neck $16$16
neck & shoulders $30
breasts nipples $15$15
stomach $16$24
chest & stomach $32$52
patch wax – a patch of hair, incl snail trail from $10from $10
clippering only (every 10 mins) $15$15
1/2 arm incl. hands & fingers $30$35
full arm incl. hands & fingers $36$44
design your own – book four or more treatments in the one appointment and get 10% off (not valid with other offers incl.VIP discount & other combos) 10% off


At Waxed, we are passionate about providing our customers with amazing, high-quality tans that make them look and feel amazing. Across all five of our stores, our technicians are trained in the correct tanning applications to ensure that you leave our salon looking gorgeous. 

Our Spray Tan solution is Australian Made using all natural and organic ingredients. Much love has gone into the creation of our tans designed for sophisticated, fun-loving free spirits who demand the best.

Our aim is to give you a little magic that transforms your skin into deep rich colour with no fragrance, no parabens, vegan and vegetarian-friendly, no parabens, no nasties and of course cruelty-free. Importantly because we make our own, the DHA is fresh so you can always be assured of receiving a beautiful product.

For more information on the tanning process, before, during and aftercare, or any other questions, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us.

Full Body$42
Face & Neck $15
Face, Neck & Arms $18
Legs $20
Face, Legs & Arms $32
your third spray tan 50% off


At Waxed we offer a range of services, including eyelash extensions, lash lift, lash tint and refills.

We begin with a consultation between the client and a Lovers of the Lash technician in order to assess the distinctive eye shape and the quality of the natural lashes before various lengths, curvatures and widths of lashes are carefully selected to create the look your eyes are screaming for. All our technicians are highly trained and meticulous with ensuring exact symmetry with every applied lash. Our eyelash extensions are applied individually, one by one, 1mm away from the eyelid, never directly on the skin, to your natural eyelashes using a medical-grade formaldehyde-free adhesive.

Our incredible lash technicians are experts in lash extensions, re-fills and tinting and take exceptional pride in maintaining the highest standard of hygiene, proper technique and professional application.

For more information about our amazing eyelash services, please contact us.

eyelash tint $26$26
eyelash & brow tint $39$39
Full Set 140 180
Half Set 85110
Wing Set 6075
Refills 1 - 2 Weeks 5065
Refills 2 - 3 Weeks 6585
Refills 3 - 4 Weeks 80100
Refills 4 Weeks + New Set Required
New Set Required
lash lift 90
lash lift & tint 110
lash tint 26
eyebrow tint 17
lash extension removal 30
eyebrow wax 20
eyebrow wax & tint 35


Waxed offers both eyebrow waxing and eyebrow tinting at all five of our salons. Our trained and skilled estheticians use their experience to create the perfect brow for your face.


We love our student customers, so we also offer a special 10% discount for all full-time students. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date with the other latest specials on offer!


Brazilians are our most popular service and we are experts in it,  we like to think people can be comfortable and confident with our Brazilian waxing skills and not have to stress knowing they’re in professional hands.