In-Grown Hairs, What Should I Do To Prevent Them? What Should I Do If I Get Them?

Article written by Stephanie Ivonne


Everyone gets an ingrown hair at one point or another. They are not only common to people of all races, and hair type, or whether your skin is very fair or very dark; we all get them! These awful bumps can cause you to feel insecure wearing certain articles of clothing and cause soreness in those areas making your favorite clothes feel uncomfortable and irritating to your skin. Having healthy and smooth skin starts with proper care and creating a daily regimen for better skin health.

What exactly is an ingrown hair? Usually these red bumps are painless but can sometimes become sore or even possibly turn into an infection. You may notice that they may be pus filled and painful to the touch. These irritating bumps grow in a curly formation in the skin as they are trapped and unable to make their way out to the surface. While they are underneath, they continue to grow causing the area to possibly become infected as bacteria will also become trapped.

What causes these ingrown hairs? There are several different reasons that ingrown hairs will pop up. You’re more prone to ingrown hairs having drier skin that keeps dead skin cells amongst the service causing buildup. Waxing, Epilating, and also Shaving are all known to play a part especially when shaving quickly and pushing down too hard. Clothing that is too tight and certain fabrics that cause friction also play a factor.

Is it possible to scar if not treated properly? It is very likely that you scar or are left with discoloration if ingrown hairs are not treated properly.  There are different ways that scaring happens but the biggest cause is from not only continuously touching the sore but popping them allowing bacteria from your hands inside the open wound.


Save your skin by following a proper routine in preventing ingrowns from appearing and scaring as well as healing those already pesky ones that may be lurking on your skin…

•  EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE! We cannot stress enough just how important exfoliating is in your daily regimen; if not the most important. Exfoliating loosens up and helps remove dead skin cells leaving smoother and healthier skin as it increases cell turnover. We recommend a weekly routine of exfoliating 2-3 times a week (or more if you are prone).

•  CLEANSE DAILY. Proper cleansing with non-comedogenic products (not skin clogging) allows hair to grow properly without any buildup that may be keeping skin follicles clogged.

•  MOISTURIZE TO HEALTHIER SKIN. Sensitive skin moisturizers will not only keep your skin soft but will also help with any skin irritation especially if you are prone with sensitivity. Moisturize twice a day especially after a shower once your skin is at its optimal potential in absorbing moisture.

•  A LTTLE VITAMIN C. Citric acids such as vitamin c will help in lightening discoloration or scaring gradually. Vitamin C is also a great way to help get rid of remaining dead skin cells.

•  USE AN INGROWN HAIR SOLUTION. A great way to help with treating and preventing ingrown hairs is using a quality solution specifically to help with those red bumps. We sell an amazing ingrown hair solution called OUT which is a convenient spray solution that can be used twice a day to achieve better skin health.


Everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others. Some people may get more ingrowns especially if they have coarser hair and wax more often; while others with thin hair may have to wax less preventing them from a greater risk of ingrowns. You’re only given one body so take great care of it. Start by pampering your skin and following a proper regimen and you will begin noticing a huge difference in your skin’s health and its appearance. Just think of all the heads that will turn when your beautiful, radiating skin is showing leaving you feeling confident and smooth to the touch!