Having Healthier, Smoother Legs All Year Round

Article Written by Stephanie Ivonne

Healthier, Smoother Legs 1
Tired of those awful razor burns and bumps after shaving whether you were rushing or just have sensitive skin? There’s a better alternative to hair removal with many benefits that will make you throw out your razors and shaving cream and go to your nearest Esthetician to take advantage of the convenience of waxing. There are many myths out there on getting waxed… are germs and bacteria being spread? Are the same products being recycled from client to client? Will my hair grow in thicker and fuller?

Here are some facts you should know and why you should schedule an appointment to get waxed


YOUR HAIR WILL COME IN THINNER.  The more you wax, the softer, thinner, and more sporadic your hair will come in causing you to go longer in between appointments.

BEAUTY IS PAIN.  We’ve all heard this and it is beyond accurate. Just think of all the pain we put ourselves through simply walking in stilettos…so the first several times you get waxed will indeed hurt but just like I tell my clients, it is so incredibly worth it and it’ll be less painful the more you do it and the thinner the hair gets.

Photo Credit: Stock photo

Photo Credit: Stock photo

PREPARING FOR A BRAZILIAN WAX. It’s not as embarrassing as you may think… trust me, us Estheticians aren’t judging you as we are working on you. Truthfully, not only have we had them done ourselves, we have seen it all…. all shapes, sizes, ages, you name it, we’ve seen it! We worry about making it less painful, and being comfortable so we play movies, TV shows, music or strike up a conversation to make you more at ease. If you’re not ready for a full-blown Brazilian, work your way up by starting with a bikini wax, then a Brazilian with a little more taken off until you’re ready for the entire thing. You choose how much hair you want or don’t want.

SAFER THAN SHAVING WITH A RAZOR.  Most people use disposable razors longer than the suggested recommendation of maximum up to a week. You are more prone to infection as the razors have residue, rust and bacteria sitting in them from previous shaves that can get into your pores.


Waxing on the other hand:

•  Prior to your appointment take a warm/hot shower to help open up your pores so not only will you have perfect hygiene but you will also have a less painful experience.

•   Your Esthetician while wearing gloves, will cleanse the area properly with a sensitive cleansing solution making sure you will not get any bacteria in your pores.

•   You will be relieved to know our wax pots are safe from bacteria as the wooden spatula that is used to apply the wax gets disposed of after every dip. Meaning, every time your Esthetician is using the wax they never double dip the stick no matter how many they may have to use per client… if you see double dipping, RUN! That’s an infection waiting to happen.

•   After your waxing session is over you will receive a wipe down with a cleansing oil or moisturizer to not only remove any excess wax but to also soothe and tone the area.

Photo Credit: She Knows.com

Photo Credit: She Knows.com

Whether you are looking for a small area or a full body wax, you will love the look of the results of how incredible smooth and soft your skin will be until your next monthly appointment. Show off your gorgeous curves and embrace your smooth, sexy self for the world to see. You’re beautiful, so flaunt it!