Once You Get A Brazilian You Won’t Go Back!

Article Written by Stephanie Ivonne


Everywhere you look whether it’s an advertisement or your friends talking about the latest trip to the spa you will hear about Brazilian waxing unless, you have been living under a rock. Most infamously the Sex in The City scene where Carrie Bradshaw gets her first unintentional Brazilian, you will see this amazing hair removal technique is not only popular but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

Why Should You Get A Brazilian? Why not?! Rather than wasting your time on keeping up with daily shaving and dealing with uncomfortable bumps, ingrown hairs, and unattractive itchy stubble, you can go for a monthly appointment only taking thirty minutes one day a month…you can’t complain about that! Having a Brazilian will save you time and aggravation as it not only will keep you from daily stubble but you will stay soft and smooth much longer than other hair removal techniques. The longer you wax the thinner and softer your hair will become which will not only lead to easier hair removal but with the sporadic hair growth there will be no more worrying about your daily maintenance. If you’re one that has the tendency for getting razor burn or ingrowns, getting a Brazilian will eliminate that problem completely!

Will it Hurt More Than a Bikini Wax? Starting off with a bikini wax several weeks prior is a great way to ease yourself to a Brazilian in case you are still unsure whether you want to go all in.
Since a Brazilian wax will remove hair from more intimate areas than a regular bikini wax, you should prepare yourself for a little more discomfort than with a regular noninvasive wax. Taking a hot shower before your appointment and having Tylenol thirty minutes prior will help greatly with any pain and soreness you may have.

Will I Feel Weird Getting a Brazilian? Not at all! Our therapists do this all day, every day and have seen it all. They are totally professional, it’s their job; and we only employ experienced therapists to perform all our treatments. Our therapists are more concerned about your comfort level and making sure you have a positive experience.

BRAZILIAN3How Often Will I Need to Tame? Everyone is different; some people have thicker, coarser hair that may grow in quicker than others, and there are some who start off with sparse light hair who can go longer in between sessions. To make sure you continue to receive wonderful results, most people find anywhere between 3-6 weeks between appointments is okay but it will depend on how quickly your hair growth appears.

How Will You Feel After Getting a Brazilian? Although you may have some discomfort and redness for a couple of hours after, you will still absolutely love the look and feel of your newly smooth, hairless skin! You will be left looking soft and feeling sexy! A Brazilian will give you an automatic boost in confidence and have you feeling like your best self.


Toss all those razors and shaving creams, and schedule your Brazilian wax appointment today.  Once you see the amazing results and just how incredible it will make you feel after, you will never want to go back to shaving again! Say goodbye to those cuts and nicks and those shaven areas that can’t seem to feel smooth no matter how much you shave; and never worry about having to shave again. Prepare for a new and improved more confident you!  So, go out, grab a teeny tiny bikini cause’ once you get a Brazilian you will never want to go back!