Going For Your First Brazilian Wax

The summer is finally here, and with it brings the bikini season! The unsightly hair that’s built up over the cooler months has got to go before you hit the beach. While some ladies opt to spend their mornings throughout summer shaving, some of us prefer a cleaner, faster way of ridding our bodies of hair. Yes, we’re talking about getting a Brazilian wax! Melbourne is full of salons that offer full-on waxing, but if you’ve never been waxed before you might be a bit nervous about the process, and at waxed we totally understand that. We want to help soothe your fears and give you some great reasons to get on the waxing table.

What to Expect from Your First Wax
First, yes the undies have to come off. You’re going to be naked “down there” in front of a highly professional waxing specialist who does this day in day out so you have nothing to fear.

Choosing Your Style
Brazilian waxing is anything goes beauty process. Some of the more popular options are standard bikini (sides only), tassie (high bikini, sides only, clipper), down under (high bikini / speedo, inner bottom, clipper), boyzilian (high speedo, genitals, inner bottom, clipper), and brazil (Strip on or off, labia, inner bottom & clipper). Depending on how much hair you want removed, you’ll be able to choose from this list.

The Waxing Process
While you lay back on the waxing table, your waxer will first apply some pre wax oil to reduce any potential grazing. At Waxed we use a 6 step process. The hot wax it applied with a wooden spatula and if needed the oil will be reapplied in between waxing. After the waxing is finished we will cleanse the area to close the pores and apply soothing gel or moisturiser to calm the areas. The whole process takes approximately 15 minutes. Don’t worry your waxing specialist will talk you through the whole process so there will be no suprises.
Will it hurt? In a word, yes. Some women report zero pain in certain areas and more pain in others. It really comes down to your unique body and how it responds to the process altogether. But on the plus side it only takes 15 minutes so your in and out before you know it. Best of all we offer LCD screens in every room so you can distract yourself with your favourite DVD, we’ve got a wide selection or you can BYO!

If you’re considering a Brazilian wax and live in Melbourne, come and see waxed! We’d love to help you get beach ready in our warm and welcoming environment.